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Placing a delivery order :

Please read all the information on this page before placing an order!

When placing an order for delivery, Please note that order delivery days are determined on the area the delivery is being made!

Ordering for a friend?! 


Please reach out to us via Email if you want to be billed all together. Due to the nature of the website you have to do each delivery separate! 

Just a reminder...

Deliveries days are chosen by the general area you live in! If you are in North Austin you will get your cookies on SATURDAY & If you are more South you will get your cookies on SUNDAY! 

Check out the Delivery Radius to see the cut offs & Reach out if you have questions! <3 

All orders will be delivered on Saturday or Sunday!

Due to the nature of the website when placing an order it will give you a specific time & date the delivery is taking place. 

Please disregard this. Deliveries are only on Saturdays and Sunday! 

Here are the areas we deliver to. 

Delivery Radius

If you have any questions about deliveries, please reach out! 

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